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Removing Troublesome Teeth

Cracked teeth, infections, overcrowding—these are all common issues that many of us experience at one point or another. And while there may be a variety of services that could help address these problems, sometimes removing troublesome teeth is the best answer.

With the help of modern dental practices and our commitment to providing an “elevated” experience, our approach to extracting teeth is compassionate, comprehensive, and careful.

If you or a loved one needs a tooth extracted, be sure to contact Elevate Dental today to book your appointment.

When Would You Need a Tooth Extraction?

There are numerous reasons we might recommend a tooth extraction, even if your teeth are considered relatively healthy. Extractions can address current issues, but they can also help prevent future problems you might be at risk of developing.

Some common reasons for tooth extractions can include:

We may recommend removing specific teeth to help with orthodontic treatments, like getting a clear aligner. We may also recommend an extraction to help protect your mouth from compromised teeth if you’re undergoing chemotherapy.

Types of Extractions

The type of extraction we recommend depends on the tooth we’re extracting and the issues you’re experiencing.

Before you have the procedure, our team will examine your teeth and consider your current health situation, like the medications you’re taking and any oral health risks you may have.

Once we clearly understand your oral and overall health, we can recommend either a simple or surgical extraction.

Simple extractions are performed on visible teeth. Under an anesthetic, your dentist can lift the tooth from your mouth before removing it with forceps. You’ll likely feel some pressure during the procedure.

We may recommend a surgical extraction on impacted teeth, meaning they’re not visible above your gum line. Wisdom teeth are some of the most common impacted teeth that we remove. Learn more by visiting our Wisdom Teeth page.

You’re placed under a local or general anesthetic during the procedure while an oral surgeon makes an incision into your gums to get access to the tooth.

Your surgeon may remove some jawbone material to help extract the tooth, but this is common and shouldn’t affect your recovery.

Tooth Extraction Recovery: What to Expect After Your Extraction

It may take a few days or weeks to fully recover from tooth extraction, and we may book follow-up appointments to monitor how your mouth heals. 

You may have to adjust your eating and lifestyle habits while you recover, like:

  • Not drinking with a straw
  • Resting for at least 24 hours
  • Not rinsing your mouth for 24 hours
  • Eating soft foods like yogurt and pudding
  • Not smoking

Over a few days, you can slowly start easing into your regular eating habits.

If you experience long-lasting pain, a fever, or an infection where the tooth was removed, please call us immediately.

Find the Care You Need Today

Tooth extractions are a common procedure that patients of all ages can have. Whether we’re treating an infection or preparing for an orthodontic procedure, call Elevate Dental to see how tooth extraction can serve your oral health.

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