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Your smile is something to be proud of, and we believe that everybody deserves an opportunity to manage their oral health with professional help. One of the ways we can offer help to more people is by providing simple and stress-free payment systems, like direct-billing numerous dental care providers.

If you need dental care and are unsure where to start, call the team at Elevate Dental. We’ll be happy to help find suitable options to get the support you need.

Government-Supported Dental Coverage

If you or members of your family require either financial, health care, or disability support from the government, you may qualify for basic dental coverage up to a specific amount.

Adults in these programs may get $1,000 covered for services like extractions, crowns and bridges, or basic dental exams and cleanings for every 2 years. Children may be eligible for $2,000 every 2 calendar years, plus another $1,000 for dental treatments performed in a hospital under general anesthetic.

Please contact our team for more information on these programs and whether they apply to you.

Insurance Providers

We’ll do our best to accommodate any and all insurance providers, but please contact us if you have any questions. Please bring your insurance information to your appointment and we’ll get started on providing the care you need.

Our Location

Elevate Dental is conveniently located in the heart of Vernon, on 48th Avenue. We have free parking available in our private lot and street parking just a few steps away from our front doors.

If you’re having trouble finding us, please give us a call!

Our Address

  • 2900 48th Ave
  • Vernon, BC V1T-8Z6

Contact Information

*Closed weekends and all statutory holidays


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