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Dental Care
When You Need it Most

At Elevate Dental, we know how scary and stressful a dental emergency can be, which is why we’re committed to being here for you when you need us most. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing a dental emergency, please call us right away! We’ll do our best to get you an emergency appointment and can help talk you through your next steps.

Why it’s Important to See Us Right Away 

With a dental emergency, it’s essential to get treatment as soon as possible. The faster you get treatment, the better your chances of a positive outcome. Emergency dental care can: 

  • Reduce your pain 
  • Increase the chances of saving your teeth
  • Reduce the risk of further damage & infection 

Common Dental Emergencies & What to Do

At Elevate Dental, we treat a variety of dental emergencies so you can keep smiling!

If our office is closed, please get in touch with your nearest emergency room. Their advice could help prevent emergencies from causing more permanent oral health issues.

If you have a severe toothache that isn’t going away, call your dentist. Your dentist can ask you to explain your symptoms and tell you whether you need to come in for an emergency appointment.

While you wait for your appointment, you can take over-the-counter pain medication or apply an ice pack to help reduce your pain.

Call your dentist immediately if your tooth has become chipped, broken, or fallen out completely. The faster you get to the dentist, the better the chance that your tooth can be saved.

Chipped or broken teeth can generally be treated by simply filling the tooth, but we may need to use a crown or perform a root canal if it’s more serious.

A knocked-out tooth is a serious injury that needs attention as soon as possible. If your tooth has been knocked out, you can put your tooth back in its place until you get to your dentist, but only if it’s clean. If your tooth is dirty, or if there’s a chance that you’ll swallow it, put the tooth in a container of cold milk until you get to your dentist’s office.

If a filling becomes loose or falls out, you’ll need to see your dentist right away to get it fixed.

While a loose or lost filling isn’t the most serious injury you can face, it can be painful because your tooth tissue is exposed. While you’re waiting to be seen by your dentist, you can put a piece of sugarless chewing gum over your exposed tooth to protect the area and lessen your pain.

If you bite your tongue or lip and it won’t stop bleeding, you should seek medical attention.

To care for your injury until you get to your dentist, use a clean cloth and press down on the part of the mouth that is bleeding. If you’re experiencing any swelling, you can use an ice pack to keep the swelling down.

Preventing a Dental Emergency 

While sometimes there’s little you can do to avoid an emergency, there are steps you can take to keep your teeth healthy and protect them against injury: 

You Can Count on Us 

We’re here for you if you need emergency dental care. Please call us if you need us! 

If our office is closed, visit your nearest emergency clinic or call 911. 

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